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​Social Media Lemonade was founded because we grew old of watching digital branding and social media marketing relying on low quality imagery and primitive storytelling.


We believe that social media could be so much more - we believe in looking at the advertisement more than once, in creating work that is exciting and innovative.

We understand that successful branding and online marketing is founded on creating a community of responsive followers. Beautiful content and whitty product placement will only get you so far - these days the consumer is educated and sophisticated. In the ocean of social media content creators what people respond to is genuine, honest and original content.

Our approach means that, our strategy - whether it is design, branding, social media marketing, photography or video production - is founded on research and our knowledge of the digital world. We will provide you with weekly updates, analytics on how your campaign is performing and what is next for your social media brand.

Lena Samoylova


Bachelor of Communication Design 

Swinburne University of Technology (2008 - 2011)

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