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Is it difficult to score paid collabs as a small time influencer? What about working with some of the best know brand names in your niche? 


Are you sick of cold calling brands and never getting anything that is actually worthwhile? Are you struggling to monetise your amazing creative feed and responsive following?


In this PRIVATE 2 HOUR SESSION we will explore all of the different ways that influencer marketing is run in 2022. Expect to learn about how the industry works, what types of collaborations are out there and what it takes to score your dream collab. 


You will learn from a marketing manager with 5+ years of experience in the industry with a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle content - someone who has worked both as an influencer that brands such as Sheike & Co, Adore Beauty and Viktor & Rolf Fragrances (and countless others) reach out to and work with.


Next time you reach out to a brand you will know your worth, know your rates, know exactly what to say and how to negotiate your perfect outcome (oh, and get all that in an iron clad contract, too). And if your inbox has been empty for a bit you will know exactly were to go to score that next collab.


Sign up to take your influencer journey to the next level!



Influencer Marketing for Influencers - Private Session

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