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Do you have an idea for a fantastic product that you know FOR A FACT people will love, but are overwhelmed with the volume on digital marketing resources online? Or are you a small business with a growing online presence yet the sales just don't match up?


This 3 hour session will provide you with everything you need to know in order to successfully run a small business with distribution online. 


Areas that will be covered include  brand design, digital strategy, copywriting strategy, photography for social media, content creation for social media, Instagram and Facebook marketing and Adds, foundational legal knowledge and pro-forma contracts. We will tell you how to craft your social media presence, post content in a time efficient manner and create real memorable connections with your audience.


Who will benefit from this session: 

Are you a small business owner that has to "do it all"? Well, this seminar is designed to take Your Business to the next level by teaching you best practices of digital marketing.



Small Business Digital Bootcamp

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